Month: August 2021

Find UConn Hartford in the myUConn App

UConn Hartford is the first regional campus with its own location in the myUConn app. From local events, to Hartford-specific parking information, to student organizations and so much more, download the myUConn app and set your location to Hartford. The app will serve as your one-stop-shop for all things UConn Hartford and Hartford. Don’t forget to allow for app notifications to keep up with important reminders and local events. 
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Students and Staff Receive Community Kindness Hero Recognition from the Yard Goats

Students and Staff Receive Community Kindness Hero Recognition from the Yard Goats
Amaury Valentin and Mayra Vasquez, student leaders of the Capital City Crew at UConn Hartford, were recognized for their commitment to bridging their student community to the wider Hartford community through programming that takes students out to explore the city’s landscape. In addition, they supported the Yard Goats Young Ambassador Program that is stewarded by Tiffany Young, helping to lead conversations about race, equity, and the college experience, with students who are just beginning their college career and those still in high school. Recognized also was Associate Campus Director, Nadine Brennan, for supporting the Capital City Crew and ensuring that community engagement is a co-equal part of UConn Hartford’s mission. Our indefatigable Campus Director, Mark Overmyer-Velazquez, also was recognized for teaching a social justice seminar to a group of first-year Mortensen Scholars as well as teaching a course on crafting personal immigration stories to a group of individuals experiencing homelessness as part of Charter Oak’s Beat of the Street enrichment program.
These four individuals are wonderful models of UConn Hartford values and we look forward to even more of our campus community committed to service.
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