Staff Spotlight: Josh Forest

Do you have a piece of advice for the students, staff, and faculty you work with? “Did you try restarting your computer? It is surprising how well it works,” says Josh Forest, Director of Hartford Information Technology Services. Good jokes aside, Josh and his IT team are our emergency response system to all things computers and digital connection. What is your favorite part of the job? “Everything is changing so rapidly and there is so much to learn and we get to learn it on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.” And how has the pandemic affected his role? “We had trouble getting people to buy into the Webex tool, but now most have mastered it and have a new tool in their tool box.” What Josh misses most about the job is grabbing a coffee from a local shop and taking a walk through Bushnell Park or over to the riverfront. Most importantly, Josh’s wife, whom he says is his role model, and who also is a nurse, gave birth to their daughter over the course of the pandemic. Josh, congrats to you and your growing family, and we thank you for responding to our tech needs at the speed of, like, really great internet.