Staff Spotlight: Bill Pecor

“I’m most proud of our workers,” said Bill Pecor, Manager of Facilities Operations and Building Services. “Everyone pulled together. Everyone’s done a superb job. We are here to promote safety to our students and staff and we go above and beyond as much as possible. Our workers are the backbone to this Covid response.” Bill, whose job and passion are to make our campus not only safe, but beautiful as well, is proud of his team and their response to the health pandemic of our time. Having spent so many years managing the building operations of the UConn campus in West Hartford, Bill is proud to be in Hartford and embraces the advantages of being there. “Being in Hartford has increased our community services and connections. Our facilities team plays an important part in executing campus events,” said Bill. Dear Bill, thank you for aligning your team with our campus values and supporting our engagement activities while maintaining our campus grounds in pristine shape. We know you love to travel but cannot during this long moment, so we hope your sweet pets and love for hiking and Oculus Quest virtual reality are keeping your spirits high.