Staff Spotlight: The Frontline

We have never been more keen to the importance of our essential staff, from the custodial staff who keep our spaces clean and sanitized, to the IT staff who have assuaged our fears about navigating the digital world – from home – to the student support services staff who work tirelessly to keep our students on the path to success. Pictured above are, from left to right – Jan, Victoria, Luz, Yessika, Patricia, Maria, and Ciro – who made sure our campus was ready for all those who would enter it. We would like to also thank the team members not pictured above – Hector, Keyanna, and Richard – who were on a much needed vacation. The work our custodial staff performs to ensure safety and peace of mind for our learning community has been taken for granted, but the unprecedented times have illuminated their importance to our success. Thank you, team, for the daily embraces in too many languages to list and for keeping our campus safe!