Staff Spotlight: Dale, Michael, Mark

Our maintenance staff are true community liaisons. Not only do they ensure that our restored campus that was once the Hartford Times is maintained and preserved for cohorts of students to come, they also work with local businesses and institutions to make sure our campus grounds are accessible for all. From left to right are Dale, Michael, and Mark. These colleagues also help in the revival of the Carol Sing tradition by helping to complete the process of putting up those holiday lights that vine up and across the granite columns and facade of our campus and light up our corner of the city. Dale, Michael, and Mark love having the campus in Hartford and shared with us the many wonderful memories each have experienced growing up in and around the Hartford area and while working here. They do miss the crowds of curious students and the conversations they’d have with them. Needless to say, Dale, Michael, and Scott, we miss them, too, and we cannot wait to return to the glory that is our beautiful campus that you all have kept in the best of condition.